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Life Transitions

The changes in life we face can create enormous amount of stress in our everyday existence.

We may feel alone and isolated after going through a major life transition. If the emotions aren't processed it can lead to longer mental health issues. Even having a check in call with a trusted therapist can go a long way.

“...(transitions) have the same emotional impact on us as the death of a loved one.”

Most of us go through some major transitions in our lives. Typical transitions are marriage, parenthood, kids moving out, retirement, sometimes even relocation, divorce, or widowhood.

The adjustment to these transitions can be stressful and confusing. Working with a Marriage and Family Therapist can be of great benefit during these volatile times.

Major life events like divorce, career changes or even moving have the same emotional impact on us as the death of a loved one. It's no wonder why so many people have difficulty coping with the stresses of life, not talking about it and carrying it inwards. It's okay to let it out and even healthy.

Caring for our mental health in this manner is the same thing as taking care of our physical fitness. Going to the gym and eating a healthy diet is synonymous with healthy living. Seeking out a therapist for mental health is just as if not more important.

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