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The Therapy Sessions

Updated: May 18, 2020

An important part of therapy is an environment of trust. Building upon that can lead to a life of internal abundance.

For some, change can happen in just a few sessions. For others it may take longer. With a committed effort, the outcome can be very fruitful.

“My only intention is to help you find ways to be happier, more self confident and more fulfilled in your life.”


My office is a safe, confidential place in which you can talk about the most personal, private issues that are troubling to you. With very few exceptions, everything we talk about will be absolutely private. This discrete therapy relationship is unique in the sense that it is limited to professional appointments and does not involve any contact outside of the office.

 My only intention is to help you find ways to be happier, more self- confident, and more fulfilled in your life. I don’t think anyone can tell another person how to live his or her life. Therapy sessions can help you look at your life from a different perspective, in order to understand how to make different choices which will work better for you. I do believe that each of us wants to feel good, that we all know what it is we need in our lives to feel good, but that somehow over the years many barriers get in the way. I can help you identify these obstacles so that you can make better decisions for yourself and move forward  in your life.


I am flexible about scheduling sessions. We decide together what will be most helpful. For some people, just a few sessions together resolves the issues that brought them in. Others may want a longer course of therapy which might involve looking into how one’s childhood experience has impacted one’s current situation and how to make peace with that history.


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