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Couples Therapy

Updated: May 18, 2020

By putting in the effort, change and hope for a better relationship can happen.

Intimate relationships are one of the most important and significant parts of our lives. Taking the time to invest in the health of this type of relationship during and before problems arise can make a world of difference.

“A relationship, no matter what stage it's in, can benefit, even if only one person attends.”

It's never too late to preserve the relationship if you're motivated and committed.

Marriage and family therapy is all about relationships. So don’t let the marriage and family part fool you. A relationship, no matter what stage it’s in, can benefit, even if only one person attends. Once again, the key is the desire to achieve or preserve a relationship, the motivation, and the commitment.

Often times, marriage problems are rooted in communication issues, unresolved hurt feelings from the past, not being acknowledged or valued the way we want. These things affect the health of the marriage and can impact physical and emotional intimacy. Intimacy is a major component of a healthy relationship and when these issues arise, it's time to invest to turn the ship around.

Sometimes separation and even divorce are the right answer for a healthier living situation for each spouse and event the children. When two people are commit to a marriage relationship, your life partnership deserves the opportunity for a chance to survive. Some problems require assistance from a third party like a therapist who can view the situation objectively and help each of you see a different perspective that overtime can lead to a healthier union.


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