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Self Esteem

Updated: May 17, 2020

Self esteem is the foundational part of self respect, boundaries & confidence.

Having a healthy sense of self esteem and self worth can lead to having joy and abundance in your life, having the career, salary or relationships you deserve. So many people go through life with a poor sense of self. It may be time to reclaim your power.

“ back in a positive way to the negative voice inside you.”

It’s not uncommon to look good on the outside, but be hurting deep down where no one can see. Think about it. You repeat patterns you know are self-defeating, but don’t know how to stop. You allow others to take advantage of you, or you find yourself sabotaging relationships, business opportunities, or your health.

You may even know that it’s not your fault, but you don’t know how to take the next step - to replace negative responses with behaviors that boost your self-esteem. You can talk back in a positive way to the negative voice inside you. The best tool for fighting low self-esteem is to learn to talk to that inner voice as you would talk to your best friend…with encouragement and pragmatic optimism.  And if the problem is a symptom of deeper depression, together we can work on what’s causing your depression and how you can improve on your mood.

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